Yellow Blackfish – Graphic Design Copy
The first step of any good advertising strategy is catching your customers’ attention. Without a hook,
your audience has no reason to look further into your brand and explore your products and services. At
Yellow Blackfish, our creative studio prides itself on its graphic design skillset, because frankly, we relish
a challenge. No project is too big or too small – we understand that your brand needs its own unique
identity, and we’re willing to dig deep to produce designs to drive home your messaging to your
customer base.
Backed by years of agency experience, we have the quality capabilities to design anything from logo
redesigns to billboards to product packaging…you name it. Have a one-on-one consultation with our
creative director, and let us help you accomplish your goals, one design at a time. Our graphic design
services include:
 Logo design & redesign
 Web banners & sliders
 Infographics & reporting
 Print ads – brochures, newspaper ads, catalogs, magazines
 Emails & newsletters
 Presentation templates
 Billboards & signage
 Product packaging
 Apparel & merchandise design