Yellow Blackfish – SEO Copy

It takes more than just a good website to draw your customers in. After all, there’s no guarantee that
your business will show up on the first page of search results, much less the first entry. That’s where SEO
marketing comes in.
SEO, or rather Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing strategy designed to boost your business’s
website visibility and ranking on search engines, so customers will ultimately choose you before your
competitors. A higher ranked position in the search results gives your business an added legitimacy,
creating increased customer website traffic and revenue.
Here at Yellow Blackfish, we can help optimize your current website’s SEO or help build it into a new
website. Using best practices, we evaluate your site’s ranking, and determine the strategies needed to
optimize your site. This can include additional content creation, adding in keywords relevant to your
industry and competitors, building links, and even more in-depth research. After the initial
implementation, we re-evaluate and revise as needed, so your website stays current and maintains a
successful ranking and presence in the market for potential quality customers.